High Performance Window Film

Anti-graffiti film


Complementing HPWF’s suite of glass protection window films is the Anti-Graffiti film.

Anti-Graffiti film is a sacrificial film, which if damaged, can be easily professionally removed and re-applied. The commercial benefit is obvious; the appearance of brand new glassat a fraction of the cost.

HPWF Brisbane’s Anti-Graffiti window films help minimise damage caused by:

  • Spray paints or markers
  • Scratching or gouging
  • Chemical etching
  • Everyday wear and tear

Anti-graffiti film Applications

  • Windows, retail shopfronts, display windows and mirrors
  • Glass balustrades, lift interiors and escalator rails
  • Public transport applications and bus shelters
  • Marble, polished concrete and building facades
  • Shopping centres, mezzanines and stairwells
  • Countertops and advertising displays
  • General window tint
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