The Specs

enerlogic window films

Data above relates to films as applied to 6mm clear glass. All values are intended for design use only. Materials used are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.

Note 1: The data in this column is a guide enabling an estimate only of fade reduction. As there are many variable that cause fading, it would be impossible to give an exact figure. The data in this column, therefore, does not constitute a warranty.

Note 2: This is not a weighted number. The SHGC number provided applies only to the film/glass combination.

Note 3: This ia a winter median U-value and represents a centre-of-glass data only.

We specialise in:

  • Heat and glare-reduction films
  • Decorative and privacy films
  • Safety and security film
  • Anti-graffiti film
  • Frosted films for commercial fit-outs
  • Scratch Removal
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